The Wandering Alchemist

Once, in the snow-wracked land of Cape Cod, there was a man by the name of John Crowley III. This man found himself in dire need of an ally as he set out on a quest to improve the lives of Dungeon Masters everywhere. He found that ally in the form of a designer – Zack Keys, of Seattle.

Together they forged a sigil that would carry John’s message to the deepest corners of the Internet. Illuminating darkened hovels where broken DMs wept under the onslaught of questions like “Why CAN’T I roll a Drow Sorcerer/Druid/Paladin/Warlock with a pet Beholder?”.

Then they captured the visage of the fearsome Chaugnar Faugn and made some podcast artwork out of it. That was pretty cool too.


  • Logo Design
  • Album Art
  • Enslavement of an Eldritch Horror
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